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The day after …

After our crazy Queensday, we decided to not let go and to start our day with sushis. We went to Yamazato at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam. It is a traditional Japanese restaurant, and it was the perfect food for our hangover. The restaurant was quite full, the stuff is really nice, and thanks god they speak well English. And I might say quite funny to see the Japanese people speaking Dutch as well. But you know me I have to criticize… although the food was delicious; they had a strange way to bring the dishes. I don’t know why, they never managed to bring the dishes at the same time at everyone. So we always had one person odd, watching the others eating…
And the highlight of the lunch was the sake we ordered, when I asked my friends the name of it, they said, don’t know ask for the blue bottle… So here is a city secret. If you go to Amsterdam, at the restaurant Yamazato… ask for the blue bottle sake, and believe me you won’t forget it 😉
Saturday night, I experienced another restaurant, and this time it was in The Hague, “Wox”. It is cosy restaurants, with fusion food, and literally an encyclopedia instead of a wine list. No kidding that it won an award of excellence by Wine Spectator in 2008. So we shared several appetizers and main dishes and few bottles of wine. The crowd… hmm I saw few cuties, so I guess nice spot to meet people, and the good news you can eat at the bar, so better chances to interact.
After dinner, we looked around at the bars, but I guess everybody was either in bed trying to recuperate or still on a boat in Amsterdam, reviving the Queen’s day…

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