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the key to the city's secrets….

Who is Nat???

Born in Lebanon, lived in Turkey, Switzerland, Italy and US, Nathalie is the perfect globetrotter.
If she isn’t busy moving in a new city, she spends most of her time in the planes for new destination or big capitals of the world where she meets friends who make her discover the hidden places and key spots.
“Nat And The City” is created to share with you her journey and discoveries and give you some great tips for your future visits in those cities, or even if you plan to move in those cities…

9 Responses to “Who is Nat???”

  1. Xtine sent me the link to your blog…..surprise surprise….very entertaining, trendy in terms of design (modern & good colour combination), and interesting stories….and last but not least…just love your comments about cold and deadly boring gva…..wait until you get kids…….you will end up writing a novel (not a blog) of criticism!
    Excellent columns….which reminds me of CB’s columns (in sex and the city).
    Carry on!

    • thank you Shermeen for your compliments, I am happy that you enjoyed reading me… but actually I don’t think Geneva is deadly boring… you just need to know the right spots, and I am sure you do and as a mother u even have good tips for kids;) but off course for someone who comes just to visit it is going to look like a ghost town in winter… it is why I am here, to give insider view, not the places that the hotel concierge advises, but based on my own or on my friends experiences. hope to see your comments again!!!

  2. ORANGE!!!!!!! What a surprise!

  3. nat darling i love your blog,i think this is something you will do perfect. good luck babe.

    • Thanks love, I have been quite with the blog because I was at my fat farm, but soon going back and a lot of trips ahead, so keep reading, I am sure u will have fun!!!

  4. Hey Darl, come to Milan!!! Nobu is waiting for you. Your handsome bar tender is asking about you. He did not forget the 6 glass of supercholic drink Vodka and the huge tip where I think he paid his rent with it. )))

  5. Hi Nathalie,

    Not sure if you remember me but i was an Intern at Fusun Designs(the first for Fusun) in summer 2006 while you were there. (I was the tiny skinny black girl)LOL! I was browsing through LinkedIn and came across your page, then found your website when I realized it was you. I wanted to leave a comment and tell you your website is AMAZING, I LOVE the blog and I’m happy to see your doing great 🙂

  6. off course I do remember you!!! how r u? what r u up to now? it is a small world. thk so much sweety, i am proud of my website and blog 🙂 I would send you an email to get your update

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