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Poolside @ Hotel Intercontinental….such a shame no more for this summer

Again due to my intense traveling I missed the monthly happy hour at Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva. It occurred every last Wednesday of the month in summer. And of course as Geneva doesn’t know glorious summers, they had only three…
Happy that I managed to attempt to at least the 3rd and last one…

We used to go a lot at the Hotel Intercontinental when we were young, as it was basically the only Hotel with a pool. Last year when I first returned I was happily astonished to see the changes that they made at the hotel and especially at the pool. It was not anymore a regular Intercontinental which directly holds connotations of a luxury airport hotel, but a great modern one.

When last night my friends told me they have booked a table, I was thrilled to see what they did with the place. When you arrive, you have to be on a list again… damn is Geneva becoming New York with events and lists ????

They were tables all around the pool and it was interesting to see who would sit on which side…. The system is easy, either you reserve a table and you sit where we sat which had nice lights; or at the end of the pool… which I could call the dark side… as they were seriously missing some lights. I guess some people like to be in the dark. I was happy to be at the light and especially by the entrance so i could check all the new arrivals 😉
The other option is just put yourself on the list, then when you enter either you hit one of the two bars or ask for a table and the bottle that comes with it. And i saw some high tables on the left of the pool, where i guess it works on a first come first served basis.

The night was beautiful, the service was great… But what I really appreciate was the effort that everybody made on clothes. In Geneva when go to an after work, you either go with your work clothes, or you just wear something casual.
Last night everybody was dressed… especially a group of ladies with their little cocktail dresses. Ok, some of them should wear a different outfit, but I give them a big A+ for the effort.

The only thing that my friends thought was a good idea, and I didn’t agree was the corner where they offered relooking… Hair and makeup…
Personally I think it didn’t make any sense; all the ladies were already dolled up and even some were dressed to impress…. So why to propose them another look?
It would have been a better fit if it were during a ladies lunch or an afternoon high tea.

The food and beverage…. well as I am trying to shred the spaghettis, focaccias, kebaps and pides of the summer, I didn’t have my usual poison…I had a different kind of bubbles… Badoit 😉
But I couldn’t resist so taste the mezzes and they were very quite good…

So overall it was a great event, beautiful setting, great DJ from Ibiza, nice crowd, great service, amazing weather with the full moon and as usual great company…
Otherwise how you would explain why I have stayed 5 hours, where I was supposed to say max 2 …

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