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Cafe Delux @ Hotel Metropole Rooftop in Geneva

Everybody in Geneva knows it by now that if you want to have a great view of Geneva, chill and drink some bubbles you go to the rooftop of Hotel Metropole.

My friend who is renting and managing it until September 4th, made a trial last year for few nights, and when she saw it was a total success decided to take it for few months this summer. And this summer “Cafe Delux” was one of the hits of Geneva. As I was running around all summer, finally I made it yesterday.

Thanks god one of my friends made a table reservation. When I arrived at the elevators, I remembered my days in New York at the rooftop hotels such as Gansewort or Soho house; where you queue in front of the elevators where you have to be on a list.
It is a very critical moment, are you going to be able to have access to 7th Heaven, or you are one of the “peuple” (common people) and you need to stay on the ground????
So believe me last night when I saw the bouncer refusing people without pitty, I was very happy to be on that magic list.

When you arrive finally at the rooftop, you have 360 degrees of Geneva’s view. There are tables on each side, the ones on the right are comfy lounge chairs, and the others are high tables with chairs. The DJ booth is in the middle, and at the end of the terrace you have the bar. So you chose the view that you want: people’s legs and butts or Geneva’s jet d’eau…
We were at a high table, so I just checked Geneva…

The service was good, the girls were always making sure that we were fine and had everything we needed. My only problem was that after few glasses of bubbles I needed to eat and unfortunately the kitchen was closed… I guess the mini burgers that I saw making their way during the evening, would be for the next time…

The crowd… a bit of everything; group of friends, boys and girls hunting, or just people chilling out while sipping their drinks… Don’t go there with a date though, cause it is a great place to meet people. There are cute boyzz and girlzzz, and as the place is not very big, walking around makes you interfere directly with the people… And if you are single, I highly recommend not getting a table, just mingle near the bar (the real meat market).
And if you are single but like your comfort and have a table…. (basically like me) Then I advise you to make several visits to the bathroom, which obliges you to mingle ;))))
Yesterday I heard that a friend of mine actually met his wife at the rooftop of Metropole…. Thank you Café Delux!!!

I remember in New York, during happy hour on Thursdays, the bar of Four Season Hotel was the meat market… although didn’t last long as the “professionals” made their way very quickly…
So I guess Café Delux is the Geneva “meet meat spot”, and the good news is that I haven’t seen any professionals, and believe me it is a challenge in Geneva. I guess after all there are benefits to have someone at the door…

In French we say, “il vaut mieux tard que jamais” litterally meaning better late than never… It took me some time to go to the rooftop, but so happy that I finally made it.
And if you haven’t been, I advise you to do so, but I highly recommend to reserve a table, because it would be a such a pity to arrive to that famous elevator door and be banned from 7th Heaven ;)))

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