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Boucherie du Molard, the jewelry store where they sell meat…

My boys, who are my best friends from NY, are in Geneva for the first time. It took me a while to bring them in town, and I have suspicions that a little lady of few months was the real reason of their visit šŸ˜‰

As we wanted to have the little lady with us, we decided to go to chilled restaurants instead of the ā€œwild parties in Genevaā€ā€¦. And yes I am being ironic as we all know by now; there are none in our lovely town.
So the first day we did some classic, ā€œBrasserie Lippā€ for lunch and went to my famous ā€œCottage restaurantā€ for dinnerā€¦. And guess what? The service is getting better and better.

But today we did another classic, pastries from Mage. Mage, located in route de Malagnou, is known for its fresh pastries, drop dead tarts and very creative birthday cakes. If you make the mistake to go in the afternoon, you can be sure that there is nothing left. So before going to our friends house to visit my favorite Diva (the nickname that I gave to the few months old little lady), we passed by Mage, and bought some croissants, pains au chocolat, pain aux raisins, croissants aux jambon and also some of the famous tart with apricot and prunes. No need to say that everything was delicious and no need to say that we couldnā€™t eat during the rest of the dayā€¦.

So we decided to do a barbecue at my place for dinnerā€¦ and it would have been the best reason to show them la ā€œBoucherie du Molardā€ in Geneva.
When I was growing up in Turkey for me a butcher was this fat and ugly guy, who would cut the lamb in front of us and make pieces out of it. Then off course it evaluates it, but the famous butchery at rue du Molard is another experience.
Already from outside it looks more like a jewelry store than butchery. When you enter you have all those meats and poultries exposed and several butchers who look like more Bergdorf Goodmann sales associates than the butcher I remember from my childhood. The quality is great, although you pay the price of it, and also the price of the shop. But it is a guilty pleasure to buy from them.

We bought lots of beef, and lamb chops and sausagesā€¦ and also got some Chateau Minuty exposed by the cashierā€¦ oh well in supermarkets they put bubble gums and magazines by the cashier for the impulse purchase, here at Boucherie du Molard it is bottles of Rose and truffle oilā€¦
We had a great barbecue; we all enjoyed the food, the company and the gypsy music that my guests brought… My favorite Diva was all smiles and in a good mood; she waited her mom to eat so she can feed herā€¦

And guess what???? As we have eyes bigger than our stomach, we have some leftovers for the rest of the week-endā€¦ yummy!!!

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