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Mia Mensa Istanbul…

With heat wave still present in Istanbul, choosing our lunch spot was a challenge. Smokers don’t want to sit inside in the AC, and everybody wants some wind… so we ended up at “Mia Mensa” which literally means “My Catering” in Kurucesme. It’s terrace is literally on the water and just next to Istanbul’s famous “Ask Café” (Love Cafe). Opened in 1994 this Italian restaurant is one of those spots where you cannot go if there is too much wind, as you can risk flying 🙂

I was happy to be able to sit outside and not melt but a bit tired of going back to an Italian restaurant. I mean I am in Turkey and I want my fish or kebap restaurant. Enough of Italian cuisine… especially after having spent so much time in Italy this summer. I think I am done with pasta for a while, so I ordered my usual beef salad…
What can I say, it was a beef salad I mean not that hard to miss it, you put salad and you a cook a beef, and I was in charge of doing my own dressing. But my friends who took Tagliatelle all Aragosta (pasta with spiny lobster) and Linguine Marinara (sea food pasta) were really happy with their choice, and it looked definitely yummy.

Concerning the service, they were sweet, but very slow, especially for a restaurant where only 4 tables were full. I understand that they first had a cooking problem, as their stove didn’t work, but it lasted less than 10 minutes… and if you are taking 45 minutes to an hour to serve two salads and two pasta dishes (where the pasta shouldn’t be cooked more than 8 minutes), offer something for your guests to nibble before…

Anyway, as we were chit chatting and enjoying the nice breeze, while sipping our rose, we didn’t mind that much. And the result was worth waiting.
So overall, I liked the place and highly recommend if you want to enjoy a chilled lunch or dinner in Istanbul, with again without saying a breath taking view of the Bosphorus.

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