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Sunday in Forte

My second day in Forte dei Marmi started with a late breakfast followed by a great day at the beach. The beach that my friends spend the day is called “Bagno Beppe”. In Forte dei Marmi you rent a cabana and a area on the beach for the season. They give you a table some long chairs and some other chairs. At the end of your day at the beach, you leave your towels; they wash it and install the whole setting for you again.
The whole coast is full of beaches, some regular ones, some fancies, and some super fancies… very easy to spot them, they all have their towels. The very fancy ones are easy to spot, it is the spots where you only hear Russian… Our beach was a family one, so thankfully we only heard Italian around us 😉

At the end of the day we hit the town for aperitivo at “Sambo”, and yes the Milanese style, where while you drink you can eat from the buffet all kinds of delicious pizzas, cold cuts or vegetables… After being yelled because we almost sit on a table, who could “block” the service. Our lovely waitress spill the drinks on my friend, and instead of apologizing blamed her. Oh yeah because she was incapable of taking the right order, and as it was our fault.
Seriously at a point needed to check if I were in Paris or in Forte… I guess she had a bad night or it was that period of the month… anyway we ended up more laughing at it than anything else. But they say Sambo is famous, oh well … not sure if I would put my foot there again….

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