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Few days in Forte dei Marmi

Two days ago, tired of waiting for the dates of my friends for Turkey, I decided to go to Forte dei Marmi.
The best way to go there would have been to fly to Pisa, but as there were no direct flights, I decided to fly to Florence and rent a car for Forte (which is exactly 101km). so after an hour of Fly Baboo flight, I landed in Florence.

The airport in Florence is so tiny that the arrivals and the departures are almost from the same door. And the car rental place is two steps away. I don’t know if they give a better deal or simply with my luck, the only line was in front of Avis.

I had some good memories (by good memories I mean good food experience) in Forte so I was looking forward to go back and have some more 🙂 Unfortunately couldn’t find the restaurant on the beach that I loved last year, and believe me checked a lot of them…
So the first day we were my friend who invited me, her man and her baby daughter who is my new “friend” and we had some friends from Milan who joined us.

Our first lunch trial was at Bagno Graziella, we were all a bit disappointed as when we ordered our seafood spaghetti, we needed magnifying glasses to find the actual sea food… but after 2 bottles of prosecco, to be honest nobody cared about the food anymore.
We spent our afternoon at the beach where my “friend” of six months did her first sea experience; while another friend had her beach massage experience. And off course the rest of us continued our drinking experience…
Forte dei Marmi is a real family vacation spot, the thing that I love about it is that everyone, from 3 to 73 years old circulate with bikes… and f you go to restaurant with kids nobody looks at you, as if you committed a big crime… off course there are “playgrounds” for only adults: La Capannina di Franceshi and Twiga; or as I call them them Twingo and Copacabana 😉

Our first night we went to “Maito”. Honestly, even if you don’t want to go to Forte for vacation, you need to pass by Maito to eat…. I am still dreaming about their food. We started with a pizza Maito (pizza where each slice has a different taste), then everyone one took appetizers and entrees. The highlights???
“Crudo olio e limone” which is a mix of raw fish carpaccio, “The spaghetti ai scampi”, which is spicy pasta with scampi; “Filetto al aceto balsamico” which is a filet mignon that literally melts in your mouth with a balsamic reduction and also the”Cotolette alla Milanese”, which is a basic breaded veal scallop.
The only disappointing dish was the “Spaghetti all’arragosta”, lobster spaghetti, as it was too salty.

We went to eat it was 10pm passed and the restaurant was still full. The crowd… a bit of everything; some families with their kids falling asleep on the table, some people who were dresses to impress and some foodies like us.

After dinner we decided to choose the third adult playground: ” home” where we had the music we wanted and the drinks we wished… and believe me our party lasted way long after the others finished ;)))

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