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Restaurant “La table du 9”.. don’t expect a quick and good service

My friend wanted to invite me for lunch for my birthday, and as it was a kind of rainy day, we decided to not risk and instead of doing a terrace, eat somewhere inside.
“La table du 9” is a restaurant that I normally go in winter, as they have great starchy fresh food. And it always hits the right spot in cold winter days.

When we arrived a great smell was coming out of the kitchen, which didn’t help calming our hunger. Unfortunately 20 minutes later, no one had come to take our order, neither brought us bread.
I started to lose my patience… don’t mess with me when I am hungry. Every time she would say I am coming and would run to another table. With all the fairness she was the only one zig zaging and serving the room. The only help she had was someone just taking out the dishes.

When she finally came to our table, I told her that if she had came 5 minutes later; we wouldn’t be there as it had been already 20 minutes that we were waiting. She asked me to not “exaggerate” and continued by saying “anyway, what you want”. She was lucky it was already late and we were really hungry (and my friend had invited me), otherwise we would have left the place right that minute.
So I just replied to her that it wasn’t a way to talk to clients and thought that she can dream about any tip.

We shared an appetizer, and only then the bread decided to join our meal. She had taken a wrong order for the entree, so I ended up being the only one with a dish. My friend had to wait 10 more minutes before having hers…. Oh and no apologies!!!

The food is still good and fresh, although a bit too much olive oil in everything. I agree it gives a good taste, but don’t make swim my food in it.

So in summary, ok food, bad service, and “I don’t care attitude” which is the worst for me. Maybe they should make the staff live on tips like in the US. I am not saying the service would be better but at least they would work better to earn their tip, and even do it with a smile to have a bigger tip…

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