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Cortes the new upcoming spot in Porto Cervo

In Costa Smeralda, you have few clubs that have been there forever, and Sopravento makes part of them. This yearthey have decided to give a new face lift and concept to it. The official birth date would be on July 23rd, but I had a sneak peak before…

I ended up there on my last evening with my friends. Someone had caught lots of tuna fish that day, so instead of cooking them home; decided to bring it to Cortes. The owner was happy to ask to his chef to cook it for us, and used the opportunity to have a pre-opening test run … And don’t worry I behaved 😉

The concept is simple; with over 2000 square meters, Cortes has a restaurant which is open for lunch as well; a show club where you can enjoy DJs as well as live music and shows; an art gallery and an exclusive luxury corner shops area.
So I can easily call it a “full option spot”!!!

As I was there before the grand opening, I can only say that the cook is quite talented and creative, because basing a whole dinner on tuna (3 courses plus desert), you need to have ideas. And believe it or not, we didn’t have it with pasta… The atmosphere was great, besides the beautiful setting, loved the live music accompanying the DJ.

My only concern was the trip to the bathroom; it is a good walk, so you have to plan ahead and maybe a pack a snack for the road… Joke aside, I wish I were still in Porto Cervo for the opening, so I could see and enjoy the night, and compare with my private one ….
And I guess the crowd would be more my type of crowd than the one Flavio attracts at the Billionaire 😉
So if you are around, you should definitely give a shot!!!

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