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Ristorante La Petronilla … delicious

After a glorious first day and night in Sardinia, we decide to take our second day relaxed. So we spent the day on the boat getting tanned, and at night decided to walk around “Porto Cervo” before our dinner.

Porto Cervo is the main center of Costa Smeralda . It is surrounded by a marina, sport clubs, shopping promenade, luxurious boutiques, and nightlife of its own. I remembered from my last visit that they were great shopping spots, and you know me and shopping 😉
This time I just checked around as in few days I was supposed to stay at Cervo Hotel, so lots of time to shop.

After a short shopping session and a drink at the piazza, we went to a restaurant that my friends had already been couple of days ago, and couldn’t stop talking about.

It is called “Ristorante La Petronilla”, just a bit further of the bling bling of Porto Cervo. It is a small restaurant, that has a a big wine cellar, and the owner; Massimo Scardovi was the one who took our orders and served us. I am even suspecting that he even is the one who cooked.

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can see the “who is who” of the Italian and international jetset; then avoid La Petronilla. We were there for the food; we started with “vongole e mitilo”, which are clams and mussels cooked in a wine sauce, followed by pasta.
My friends were dreaming about their “spaghetti ai ricci di mare” (sea urchins spaghetti) and I went with “spaghetti al granseola” (spider crabs spaghetti). Result….. at the idea I am still salivating….

The restaurant was quite empty, I guess due to the lack of a decent terrace. Even though they say they have AC I have to admit it was a bit too warm; it must be the Italian way…. meaning a machine that blows the air that we the rest of the world call an “electric fan”.
You know me how I hate the heat, so if I am willing to go back, it means that the food was really delicious. And if you are around and want to spend a chill night with great food, give a chance to “La Petronilla” and please let me know how much you enjoyed the food 😉 Bon appetit!!!!

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