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Just Cavalli restaurant and night club, Milano

My friend decided to call some of us and get together in Milan, to celebrate her birthday. We all decided to not care about the famous heat of the city in summer, and go for the week-end.

I off course proposed Nobu to eat and then Prive to party the rest of the night. As I love the food and they have AC. But we thought that as we were in Italy, we should do an Italian restaurant.
So the final decision was to organize the dinner at “Just Cavalli”, then go to the open air night club that was above….

It is not located in center, so after a short cab ride, we arrived to destination…. The setting is beautiful, a great space in the middle of Parco Sempione… To arrive to the restaurant once they check if you are on the list is a good walk, and in the nature I might add, so at this point you regret a little to have high heels….

They gave us the option to sit inside or outside, it was soooo hot that we decided to stay inside with the supposed AC. They saw that we were a big group so brought these mixed anti-pasti that were charged more than 30 Eur for one mozzarella, half of a slice of prosciutto, and three pulps running after each other…
It was so hot that we couldn’t eat anything, so everybody went for Caesar salad after… I don’t know for the others, but I don’t call 5 little pieces of overcooked and over dry chicken on lettuce, with no dressing a Caesar salad.
So, no need to say that we were not really happy with the food…..

Later some friends needed to go and get the others who were stuck in the traffic on their way from Geneva, so we decide to wait for them upstairs at the Club, on our Super Prive table.
In order to have a table at VIP section called “Super Prive” ( I guess they wanted to do better than Armani…), we had to leave an imprint of credit card of 1000 Eur. Which basically means, you cannot leave the table without spending that amount of money, otherwise, they will charge it to your credit card.

So here we are waiting for the rest of the group, trying to sit on a tiny table, fighting so “the models” don’t eat our fruits or drink our bubbles… In Milan the “models” are like the “estheticians” in Geneva… they do house calls at night.

Well the rest of the group managed to come 45 minutes before the end of the night, as at the door they didn’t let them in… why? Because apparently their records show that we were already a full table (which was not right) but we didn’t use our 1000 Eur…

We didn’t use the whole amount, well first of all because we were waiting the rest to drink, and also drinking is dangerous in Just Cavalli. Because it means you need to use the bathroom… which means had to walk through the whole club, and wait in line for 45 minutes.
Oh yeah did I tell u that there are only two mixed toilets for 1200 people????

No need to say that I won’t put my foot there, and would highly discourage any person with sense to do sooo.

I think Roberto should stick to create beautiful clothes, and lose the idea of restaurant and nightclub…

2 Responses to “Just Cavalli restaurant and night club, Milano”

  1. Hahaha I would never be able
    To define in that way. You are
    Absolutely right. No more cavalli
    But wherever we are we can
    Have fun. Thats I am sure of

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