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Time off in Mersin, Turkey… my hometown

I know I know it has been a while that I didn’t write anything on my blog… well because after I returned from Rome, went to Turkey for a week to take care of my brother’s munchkins. And off course if I were in Istanbul, I would have shared all the happening stuff, but I was in Mersin; my little Mediterranean town, where basically nothing happens.
I normally go there either just to see the family and have a food coma, all the food that reminds me my childhood… so I try not to stay long just to not gain that much weight 😉
To arrive there is a challenge, from Geneva you take the first flight to Istanbul, then a second flight to Adana, and then you have 60 km to drive to arrive to Mersin. All this with Turkish Airlines, I have to admit they are quickly becoming a great company, but I was shocked that in Istanbul no one checked my ID. Between the time I arrived to the lounge and boarded, I have talked with 4 or 5 employees about my seat or my plane, and not one single person asked to see my ID. So I basically could have stolen someone else’s ticket and travel. You will tell me how many people would steal a ticket for Adana… but still…
As I have spent my days running around with the kids, I haven’t discovered any secret spots, although I would advise every person in this whole world to taste Tantuni. It’s a street food; basically beef prepared in a special sauce wrapped in bread. Whenever I am far from Mersin, I dream about it. I think I buy my Tantuni from the same shop for 15 years now. Whenever I am in town they do their yearly profit as I basically have to eat every day, and trained my niece who became a fan as well.
So beside the love fest that I got from the kids, and the food coma that I entered, nothing really special to report. It was just great to have a week off from travelling. Now back to Geneva, with few extra pounds, but definitely rested and ready to discover new summer spots…
In my plans have definitely New York and Istanbul, but also St Tropez, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi and Morocco …

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