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Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

Queen’s Day (in Dutch: Koninginnedag) in Amsterdam is a unique night and day carnival-like event on 30th of April each year. On this day the Dutch celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands. Although it’s original the birthday of Queen Juliana (the mother of Queen Beatrix), not of Queen Beatrix, they celebrate her birthday on 30 April. Queen Beatrix birthday is really on the 31th January, but the winter isn’t the time to party outside. Because of this Queen Beatrix officially celebrates her birthday on 30 April, so people can party with (hopefully) better weather! What is special about the Queen’s Day, well simply there is a huge party across the whole city, and it is combined with the market in the streets.
So off course when my friends asked me if I were interested to join them, I right away booked my flights. My flight was soo early that I had to wake up at 4.30 am to go to my second home, Geneva airport. After an hour and 30 minutes of flight, I arrived to Schiphol airport. Schiphol, Amsterdam airport, is so big that I had to walk 20 minutes before getting my luggage… but let’s be positive, it means that I had my mini morning workout so I can eat and drink freely 😉
The plan was to celebrate the Queensday on a boat that will cruise the canal while we drink, dance and have fun. At noon we were at the lobby of the hotel with our first drinks waiting for the boat.
No need to say that it was a blast; we had 2 dj’s and 30 something people, and most importantly lots of liquids. I don’t remember if I ate something, actually there are some parts of the day that I blanked out… but I remember the gifts that were thrown to us at the “Red Light District”. They were pink and big!!!! I also remember lots of people dressed up in orange, lots of vodka and very friendly people; I might say one or two extremely friendly… I guess The Netherlands has a different way to welcome visitors…
Our little party lasted only 9 hours… Our boat survived the journey but I heard some didn’t and few boats sank… It was a really fun experience but believe me once a year is enough… I guess tomorrow I will suffer…

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