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Milano under the sun…

My second day in Milano was much less stressful, beautiful sunny day to start with… no rush, we took all our time to go Montenapoleone, there we booked at one of my favorite spots. It is called “Il Salumaio”. It is a hidden inside court. They have fresh pasta, cold cuts, other delicious plates and a great sunny terrace. True, it is full of tourists who saw the light and came in, but you see lots of locals as well, who just wants to take a break from the busy streets. And my favorite dish is the “crespelle al tartuffo”, miam!!! and the other great thing about this spot is to watch the people. When we say Milan, people think fashion, but unfortunately some tourists are taking this too literally. It is my guilty pleasure to watch those people who get dressed so badly and think they are making a fashion statement. For example, I know the denim is back this year, but do you really need to wear a denim tutu skirt??? Especially when you don’t have 15 years old anymore (actually you have a daughter of 15 years old….)
Anyway, after lunch I continued my quest of dress and thanks to a contact discovered a store, where I chose the model and the color, and they would do a couture one for me. Sooo happy because finally I will have exactly what I want 🙂
At night we went to have dinner at Giacomo’s Bistrot. It has two rooms upstairs and a private room in the basement. We were on the library room. My friends go very often to that place, so it was like a home feeling. Great service, great refined Italian food, and the ambiance is chilled and relax. It is the perfect spot if you want to go out with friends and enjoy your food and their company. We hesitated to go out at a club later, but you know my motto, I never go out to clubs on week-ends. It is overcrowded and with people who cannot make it during the week and collects the funds to spend on the week-end.
So week-end is for dinner and maybe a last drink and basta 😉

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