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Louboutins finally in Geneva…

All my friends know that I am a shoe addict, when I see a pair that I love, I need to have them, and sometimes I am ashamed of the price that I put in shoes. Once of my bosses in the past even proposed me to pay with shoes instead of money. What can I say some people invest in property, I invest in shoes…

I have purchased my first Louboutin, couple of years ago when I first created my company in NY to congratulate myself… I had to have one, because I thought it was very sexy wearing those red sole pumps.
You have to understand, wearing a Louboutin is not that easy, you have to have very thin toes, otherwise you might need to cut your fourth finger. At the beginning, I remember having tears in my eyes cause I wanted to keep them all night long.
But with time you learn, some put some Vaseline in their toes (be careful to not put too much cause you risk the fly), my trick is to buy a size bigger to have more space in the front, and believe it or not train myself to wear them. And it works; now I have several “les putains” as I call them and they are among my most comfy shoes.

When I moved back to Geneva, I was very sad, because there was only one store selling them but only basics that I already owned, so I needed to travel again to buy them.
But good news Geneva, since December, Geneva has its own Louboutin store…
I have tried to be strong and not go to the store, but today I had to go… come on, I just came from detox and lost weight, and when some people buy clothes to celebrate that, I need to buy shoes 😉
So after lunch I went to their store in rue du Rhone (which is our Via Montenapoleone, or our Madisson Avenue). It is a beautiful store on two levels, I highly advise to check upstairs as well, the working staff is very helpful and sweet. And the most important, they have a great selection, and they have sizes.
While I was trying my future adopted kids, the store was very busy. And almost everyone was leaving with at least one pair of “les putains”.
I guess the crisis is not touching the sexy red sole pumps in Geneva!!!!

4 Responses to “Louboutins finally in Geneva…”

  1. Your cant immagine how I agree with you. Even though I have back problems and should not absolutely wear high heel shoes, I cant do it. I wear them and sometimes I risk to fall on the street. my favorites are Rene Caovilla and Barbara Bui.

    • Jilda, a girl gotta do what she gotta do…. but you will think walking with heels is dangerous, whenever I fall, it is because I am wearing flats!!!!

  2. Nothing like sexy shoes!! Especially Louboutins. So you think I should thry the vaseline? I have wanted to cut my fourth toe off many times..Prada’s are one of my most comfortable shoes.

    • Sibel, one of my closest friend tried the vaseline trick and it worked, actually this post is dedicated to her. We even thought to have a talk with Christian Louboutin when he was in NY…. Don’t cut the fourth toe, just put some vaseline on your toes. And I aggree with you, my Prada’s are the most comfy of them. I guess we need to shoe shop together one day!!!!

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