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Delivery in Geneva

Having lived in New York for few years I was spoiled with delivery services, not only food but anything you want, any time you want…. First of all The Deli’s and Diner’s are open 24/7, and beside that almost every restaurant and grocery store delivers…
I understand Geneva is a much smaller city, so it is not the same hassle like the big cities… but you would think in a city where it rains a lot (why do u think Geneva is so green???) where everything is closed on Sundays (even some restaurants), and you want to have a day off cooking, you would have a bigger service for food deliveries.
When I first moved back to Geneva, I really suffered because of that. Found two grocery stores that deliver, but their time slot was not practical, when u order u have to wait at least two days… who wants to wait for tomatoes or soap for the dishwasher for two days, you prefer to go to the store right away to finish your food recipe and wash your dishes.
My big battle was for the food delivery, you almost have nothing. Well nope, and actually the only delivery is for pizza’s and they r really not that good.
What do you do if have a burger craving? and don’t tell me Mc Donalds, cause first I don’t do that, and second they don’t deliver in Geneva.
Well good news, there is a new burger joint in Geneva, Buns, and most importantly they deliver until 10.30 pm.
So last night was the perfect timing to taste it, rain outside, blocked because of my back, I just felt like comfort food. You can order directly from their website, the delivery is supposed to be 45 min following the order, but you have to pick a time, and basically by the time you do the whole thing, you have a message telling your order would come in an hour. Mine came after 69 minutes… and effectively after that lucky number it was a pleasure 😉
The bun was still warm, the bacon crispy, the cheese well melted and the steak not overcooked…
So if you have a burger craving, and you are sure it is not gonna go away after an hour, give it a shot, it is really worth it!!!
Now I need to find a brunch place (not a hotel cause brunch buffet is not my thing), where I can have my “eggs benedict” with my crispy bacon and my “bloody mary”…

3 Responses to “Delivery in Geneva”

  1. eggs benedict, let’s open a shop together

  2. So do I, don’t spread the idea 😉

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