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A blind dining experience

Last night I was invited by friends to a “blind dining experience”. The concept is simple, once you arrive you wear a mask that completely block out all light. And you eat a five course dinner, and sip a different wine with every dish. During the whole process, you have a blind person who is present and helps you go through the adventure.
One of my biggest fears is to lose my vision, when they put me the mask, I completely panicked, I felt that i was claustrophobic and hoped that it would end soon. Someone helped me to walk through my seat… believe me thanks god I wasn’t wearing my 10 inch high heels. I was walking like a baby who just learned how to walk. Once seated, I started to listen who was seating where, and with my hands felt where my plate, cutlery and glasses were. I felt a bottle of water, tried to fill my glass, happily noticed operation was a success.
The food started to come, the first appetizer was easy cause used my hands and had a tooth pick, the second dish “after touching it and smelling it”, was a “foie gras” with toasted bread and salad, I was really tempted to eat with my hands. I guess my plate was a massacre, at a point found a piece if foie gras on my lap, used all the knifes cause kept losing the one I had on my plate, ate a lot of air… thanks god this was a blind dining and not a blind date, cause I guess my date would have left me on the spot…
Then came the risotto where I felt like a champion, the only problem was to cut the scallops (honestly as everyone was blind I didn’t care so instead of the hassle showered the whole thing in my mouth), and we arrived to the chicken with polenta puree, I was done trying, cut the air few times, managed to catch few bites to put in my mouth…
For the wine, I mastered a system; every wine that I didn’t like pushed it away, and kept the ones that I like close to me.
Funny facts, as we were blind, everybody felt the need to talk louder, and apparently everybody had their head up (now I understand Steve Wonder when he sings), and some people lost the track of time, believe me I didn’t was really waiting to be over and recover my sight.
Finally in the middle of desert we all decided to take the masks off, looked at the room, my sensation wasn’t that wrong about the room and the shape of the table. Looked every persons plate and glass settings, the glasses where all over their plates, and looked at mine… oh god, where is my sis who will tell I am a control freak… on my right side three glasses of wine were ranged one after the other on a perfect line, with open eyes I couldn’t do that perfect. On my left side my glass of water, with the bottle ready to be served.
After all it was an incredible adventure, I recommend to everyone to try it once, everyone tries it to experience the quality of their palate, and I was 99% right about every dish. My observation was on a different level. The first one is we have to thank god every day to have our vision, damn it is hard and although the blind person seemed to be well adjusted to his life (he even owns a restaurant in the dark, where he serves), when I asked him what he misses, he replied my autonomy, I would love to be able to drive, and also see people’s eyes when I talk to them..
The second observation I had is different. Girls I am telling u, leave the South Beach , Atkins, or any other diet… just try the blind dining, you will definitely lose weight, as you exercise your arms when trying to eat, and basically eat more air than food, I am telling you this is gonna be a new diet book!!!!
Joke aside, it is an incredible adventure and I urge everyone to try it, yes for the gastronomical level it is interesting, but the real experience is to live, even for a short time, what blind people live every day…

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