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Fashion week Milano part II

So I spent a long week-end in Milan for the fashion week, on Sunday night we went to have dinner at Nobu, which is located in via Manzoni at the Armani store that makes the whole block. When i used to live in Milan, Nobu was favorite spot, during the aperitivo, they would put a buffet full of delicious food. Now they just bring you a bento box with few selection but it is still quite yummy. I guess the crisis even hit Nobu and Armani…
Although it was Sunday night, and I guess thanks to fashion week, there was a nice crowd and to my big suprise, we could smoke. My friends told me that they have spent a ridiculous amount of money to build a ventilation system, that aspires the smoke very quickly. Effectively people were smoking but there was no smoke or bad smell. Anything to watch??? well beside our cute bartender Andrea of 20 and something with his dimples and little arrogance, there was a professional football player, Boriello with few friends.
Overall, I still give an A+ to Nobu Milano, good food, good service and good people.

3 Responses to “Fashion week Milano part II”

  1. thanks for the tip, nat!
    i’m looking forward to a well ventilated evening at nobu! again, i’m sitting with borollo, the footballer!

    • Dear Jonathan, it seems u r into football players, i would be happy to give u tips where to meet them in Milano.
      Actually have you ever been to the new BIKKEMBERGS store in Milano – Piazza Cavour?
      There’s a footballer who actually lives in the store. The ground and 1st floors are his home. It’s like a reality store…you can see him watching TV of an evening. The basement houses most of the collection and the decor is modern chic with a football theme. And his Porsche is parked in the store as well.
      But this time his name doesn’t start with a “B”, it is Andrea Vasa…
      so Jonathan another reason to go and visit Milano 😉

  2. thank you ms. nat for indulging my football fetish!
    I will certainly visit mr. masa’s residence in milano,
    and snatch up a few bikkembergs sneakers on the way!
    again, what a wealth of information you are!

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