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Milano Fashion Week…

Yesterday I arrived to Milano, as it is the fashion week, the city was full of fashion people running from one show to the other, and paparazzi hoping to get a glimpse of celebrities…
At night my friend booked a restaurant called Ibiza, which is there forever. We arrived at 9.30 pm and were sitting in the right side room, the rest was almost empty. Soon after people started to come, and by 10.30pm the place was packed with wannabes, young girls of 18 years old with never ending legs with their date who could be their dad, and a has been football player, Bobo, with his entourage who was there just for a free meal.
The food was decent, and service very quick. By midnight the waiters started to distribute ashtrays to every table. that it a great point, as it has been years that smoking is forbidden in restaurants in Milan.
My opinion, overall it was a great evening, was funny to watch people and gossip about them. But if you want to spend a night catching up with your friends, don’t go to the right side room, the music and the people are so loud that you even have difficulties to hear your own thoughts… go to the other room where it is non-smoking and much calmer… but again you will miss all the fun.

6 Responses to “Milano Fashion Week…”

  1. You are perfectly right. I observed the same thing in Ibiza restaurant. It was like the old tavern, people on the bar looking at your plate and little girls were acting like if they were in meat market.

  2. good place. I love the non smoking part especially during the week. the restroom is as always the rigth meeting point. nice work, Nat !!!

  3. Thanks for the tip Nat. The place seems amazing, I’ll make sure to go there the next time that I’m in Milan. I’m looking forward for your future comments!!!

  4. great tip. i am making reservations right now

  5. Sounds like a great nite!
    i’m sitting on the right side with bobo!

  6. Dear Nathalie. I followed your advice and booked a table on the right side of Ibiza …for the fun and the people watching. We had a great night of fun with my friends who were very happy about the smoking free after 10h30pm! We didn’t see Bobo thought…;-)
    Thanks again for the great tip!

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